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Who are we?

For over 15 years NorthEast Technology Support (NTS) has provided general technical support for small businesses in Northeast New Jersey including their servers, computers, network, phones and their relationships with hardware and software vendors. We are intimately familiar with the support required by some of the largest and most demanding users of technology including Fortune 500 companies, the military, retail / wholesale, schools, non-profit foundations, healthcare providers and many other small to medium businesses. Most notably, NTS combines the experience and expertise it has gained during more than 35 years of technology support with integrity and partnership to offer your small business a better choice.

How are we different?

We understand that you want your investment in technology to be right-sized to your needs. Much of today's technology is either under-utilized or has too many bells and whistles not necessarily related to why it was purchased. We recognize that you decide what functionality is important and what level of performance and availability are needed. In the midst of constant changes and improvements, we will help you understand and weigh the available options so you can get the best bang for your technology buck!

NTS takes pride in the cost-effective planning and execution of projects to improve or expand your systems / networks and in the thorough resolution of problems. We avoid excesses that cost you money without significant benefit, but we don't cut corners that will threaten the stability of your production environment.

Most importantly, we approach each engagement as a partnership with you. We strive to fully understand and meet your needs and we measure our success according to your satisfaction, like few others do. We arrange flexible engagements that match the cost and scheduling of our project and support resources to satisfy your requirements. Most of all, we sincerely appreciate the opportunity to earn your business!

How did we get started?

Northeast Technology Support (NTS) is a division of Long Island Systems, Inc. (LIS) which was founded in 1998 by Joseph Gallagher after many years in corporate technology operations. In early 2002 we started supporting customers in the Montclair and Newark areas and we have been there ever since. While still supporting customers in Long Island, we are now operating under the name Northeast Technology Support in these parts of New Jersey where we intend to stay for the long term.

During the 1990's growth of personal computing and the Internet, Joe saw that newer business technology could provide small business with tremendous capabilities that were once only available to large organizations. He had started his career in IT during the days of the mainframe and before there was a personal computer on anyone's desk in a business environment. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were hard at work already, but nobody knew who they were! Joe also spent many years on Wall Street and from 1991 through 1995 he managed JP Morgan's New York Data Center Operations. From 1995 through 1998 he was the Director of Production Services for Ann Taylor Stores.

Joe was also there as greater technology capabilities were being deployed in smaller businesses and started the company to provide better support in an environment where much help was needed to insure its effectiveness. Over the last 20 years many small tech support companies came into being, but it is often hard to find the depth of expertise that NTS has to fully understand and support small business needs in a cost-effective manner. We have taken that experience from the largest, most demanding and structured environments, along with the evolution of technology and management practices and put it to work exclusively for the smallest business!

We can put our experience to work so you can focus on your business!